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  • Vikram Chabra

Stop a Major Source of Cyber Crime With MXDR   

Stop a Major Source of Cyber Crime With MXDR   


As technology advances, so do attackers.  


The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) recorded over 3,200 data breaches in 2023, 78% more than in 2022. MGM Resorts, T-Mobile, Johnson Controls, and thousands of other companies faced ransomware demands in the tens of millions, showing that even the most prominent companies are vulnerable.  


Attacks continue to grow in scale, and companies must adapt or face dire financial and reputational harm. Before they can identify how to adapt, however, they need to take a long, hard look at what’s driving the worsening cybersecurity situation.  


The Cybersecurity Problem Starts Here 


Most companies believe their IT team can handle cybersecurity without realizing how vulnerable they really are. There’s an Achilles heel that many overlook or underestimate.  


The current generation of software developers hasn’t been prepared to face the dynamic threat environment created by hackers, leaving whatever they develop open to exploitation as a result. from 2019 revealed that 23 of the top 24 Computer Science universities in the US. required zero mandatory cybersecurity courses. Shockingly, four years later, that list hasn’t changed at all.  


The top undergraduate developers go on to write vital code at billion-dollar companies and small businesses alike. They need to know how to safeguard their code. Instead, they lack fundamental cybersecurity training, leaving their products—and any company that relies on those products—open to hacks.  


Today's software developers could prevent many hacks if they had just a basic understanding of cybersecurity. Since they don’t, security teams have to pick up the slack...and many are struggling to keep up.  


The Cybersecurity Solution Starts Here 


The digital landscape of the 21st century changes constantly. New software tools appear all the time to keep up with the demands of the online, digital lifestyle that most people live. This evolution is happening quicker than education can keep up with; some professors have never worked with commonplace tools like AWS services, Docker, and microservice API, to name a few.  


Companies can help mitigate this risk by emphasizing a desire for security-competent developers in their hiring practices. Changing the expectations of future employees will promote a shift in education, leading to more competent, well-rounded developers. Frequent, security-driven development sessions can teach basic principles and mitigate the risk of a devastating cyber attack. 


All that being said, companies need security help now, not years from now. And they need dynamic and robust defenses, not just better training. Until developers make security a top priority, companies need something to make up for the widespread and unpredictable vulnerabilities found in software.  


Improving Cybersecurity RIGHT NOW 


Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) helps fill the security gaps created by developers. It provides a unique protection against software-based attacks for two reasons: 


  • Comprehensive Protection: MXDR integrates multiple defenses—MDR, UEBA, EDR, NTA, and SOAR—to protect against threats regardless of their tactics, technique, or targets. Wherever vulnerabilities exist, now or later, the defenses are equipped to see and stop whatever attack emerges.  

  • Expert Oversight: Managed security services like MXDR provide access to cybersecurity expertise, 24/7/365 monitoring, and elite threat intelligence. Outsourcing this responsibility makes enterprise-level XDR accessible and affordable for all companies.  


Having MXDR doesn’t eliminate the push for more security training nor the responsibility to find and fix software vulnerabilities before they get exploited. MXDR isn’t a singular cybersecurity solution, either—it works in conjunction with other security tools for things like attack surface management, incident response, and cloud defense. Most important to understand: choice of vendor weighs heavily on the quality and consistency of the service.  


NopalCyber – MXDR & More 


At NopalCyber, we provide the protection that developers may miss.  


Our state-of-the-art MXDR service is notable for both its strength and simplicity, combining the forces of multiple state-of-the-art security tools into a package that works seamlessly with the existing tech stack and security structure. Strong defenses are complemented by smart offensive tactics that uncover vulnerabilities and expedite remediation. Advisory services round out the equation, supplying clients with anything and everything they need for a complete security posture.  


What can we do for you? Contact us.  





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