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Synchronized Security and
Holistic Visibility

Protect Everything From One Platform—Anywhere, Anytime

The Nopal360° platform strengthens, streamlines, and synthesizes cybersecurity to increase cyber resilience and reduce cyber risk.


This powerful platform:

  • Ingests data from ALL sources (endpoints, servers/networks, security platforms, applications, clouds)

  • Integrates ALL the tools in the security stack (MXDR, UEBA, EDR, BAS, NTA, SOAR, SIEM) 

  • Takes ALL measures (correlation, enrichment, filtering, machine learning) to uncover advanced and evasive attacks. 

  • Unifies cybersecurity into a cohesive whole that democratizes enterprise-level cybersecurity for ALL.

Protection Across Your Security Ecosystem

The Power of the Nopal360° Platform

Stop more threats with fewer resources

Maximize ROI from cybersecurity investments

Secure the business strategy

See Your Cybersecurity with the Nopal CIQ Score

Quantify cybersecurity like never before to make business decisions informed by an accurate and current understanding of cyber risk. 


The Nopal CIQ (Cyber Intelligence Quotient) metric: 

  • Analyzes your security posture on six key fronts – Threat Detection & Response, Cloud Security Posture, External Attack Surface, Cyber Resiliency, Vulnerability Management, Maturity Assessment

  • Calculates individual scores for each along with a collective score 

  • Measure, visualize, track, and report on your security posture with ease

  • View and drill down in-depth in the NopalGO app or web portal

Monitor and manage cybersecurity from anywhere with the NopalGO app. The app puts cybersecurity KPIs at your fingertips, combined with tailored threat intelligence, alerts with actionable steps, and a 24/7 communication link to NopalCyber experts. From the security team to the executive suite, no one is out of the loop or behind the curve on cybersecurity with the NopalGO app as their guide.

Visibility at Your Fingertips

Actionable Insights & 24/7 Support

Customizable per Stakeholder

Gain Visibility Anytime or Anywhere with NopalGO

Your Next Cybersecurity Strategy

At NopalCyber, we integrate key cybersecurity tools while eliminating barriers to holistic cybersecurity. Case in point: Our tools, tactics, and teams each combine offensive and defensive measures into a complete cybersecurity strategy. We take a deeper dive into this approach (and why it works so well) in this ebook. 

Your Complete Cybersecurity Partner

Get everything you need to stay secure, compliant, and competitive—from the inside out and outside in—all from one trusted partner.

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